Prepare your company site for summer: The spring checklist 2021

Will you be heading back to the office before summer 2021? Could your site grounds do with some TLC? We’ve created a handy checklist of things to do to ensure that your site leaves a lasting impression for all your clients and customers. Better yet why not kill two birds with one stone and set up an outdoor space ready for your team to take their lunch break outdoors… after all, it’s been a long year indoors and I’m sure they have lots of stories to share.

Spring Clean:

First up, give everything a spring clean. Just like your house and office, your outdoor space should be clear of all waste, leaves, dead grass and weeds that accumulate over the winter months, so that the beautifying can begin. Raking will not only clear the grass, but it will also reinvigorate any clumped-up grass from the past year. You might also find a few bold patches whilst you’re at it, so simply sprinkle some compost over them to naturally fertilize the grass and encourage regrowth.

It’s likely that whatever pretty flowers were blooming last year, have now met their end, so it’s time to clear up and start again. The pruning process is essential to the regrowth of new plants, flowers, and grass, so no matter what aesthetic you’re going for, clearing is key. This includes cutting back, or removing parts of plants that may have become diseased or damaged over the winter months.

Tools that you may find useful are:

·       A pruning saw

·       Secateurs

·       String (to tie stems of climbers)

·       A rubbish bin (for weeds, bushes, buds and roots)

Next up – trees and hedges: 

You might have let them get a little bit out of control during the winter, but now Spring has sprung, you’ll want to get those trees and bushes blooming. To do this, the following tools will become your best friend:

·       Hedge trimmers

·       Shears

·       Tree pruner


What’s your plan of action? Do you want to create a more landscaped look with bright flowers and plants for that curb side appeal? Or do you want to cut back the bushes and mow the grass?

Either way, it’s good to have a sense of direction. However, if you don’t quite know where to start, our friendly landscapers are just a phone call away and would be more than happy to help you decide. We can even prepare you a 3D plan to help your visualisation come to life!

If you do fancy putting those green fingers to work, here are a few seasonal plants and flowers that thrive during this season in the UK:

·       Pansy’s

·       Daffodils

·       Tulips

·       Crocuses

·       Fruit Tree Blossom (from crab apple and cherry trees)

·       Hyacinths

·       Auriculas

·       Candelabra primulas

·       Cowslips

The Finishing Touches:

Now the grass has been dug up, you’ve laid your planters and spruced up the trees and hedges. What next?

Here’s a checklist for you:

  1. Do your patios need a quick jet wash?
  2. Does the patio need a quick sweep?
  3. Could your outdoor furniture do with a wipe down?
  4. Have you watered those new plants?

One last thing to consider…

We didn’t say it would be easy, but if you have time and energy for the above, roll up those sleeves and get digging!

However, if you’re now thinking that outsourcing would benefit you before you run off and google ‘Landscapers near me’, give us a call on 03333 444570 for your free no-obligation quotation or send us a quick email at