Your last-minute IT checklist for returning to work

If your business has decided to resume its pre-covid routine, the next wave of employees will now be returning to work.


Much like a lot of technology, your computers and desktops can slow down after long periods of inactivity, so we’ve put together a checklist to you decide whether your systems need an update, an upgrade, or whether they’re working exactly as they should be.


  1. Software updates

After more than 12 months of being shut down, your company desktops will need software updates to ensure they are fully functioning. You’ll also want to consider updating your anti-virus software and using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your company details and passwords.


Heading into the office before the team return might be a good idea, so you can be all set and ready to go on their first day back.


  1. Wi-Fi and Telephone connections

These connections go hand-in-hand with updates because they can only be completed with internet access, so kill two birds with one stone. Test out the strength of your Wi-Fi connection and telephone systems so that your team can hit the ground running and support your customers as efficiently as possible.


  1. Hardware check-ups

By now you will have tested your software, so it’s time to test the hardware and identify any technical issues before they hamper your teams’ productivity. Are your printers and servers operating as they should be, or could you benefit from a new system altogether?


  1. License upgrade or renewal checks

If your business relies on licenses or subscriptions, now’s the time to double-check that they are in date or have been renewed in time for your employees return to work. Delays cost time and time is money, right?


  1. Employee reminders

Whether your employees have been working from home or they’ve been furloughed, this is the perfect opportunity to increase security, and have them update all passwords and login details. Reach out to your IT provider to recommission any suspended accounts in preparation for the big day.


If for any reason your IT systems do need an upgrade or you want to save time and hassle by having them managed, visit our IT Infrastructure page for more information, or contact us on 03333 444570 and your assigned technician will visit you for a free no-obligation quotation asap.