The Box Factory

In 2002 we were a growing business that was starting to struggle with what were at that time some rather basic IT issues.  We had engaged the services of a number of local IT support providers but were finding that they had limited resources and capabilities.  They found it more and more difficult to keep up with us and the fast-moving world of IT support, certainly as we as a business became more and more dependent on our integrated systems.



At this point we found ourselves looking for a business partner that was prepared to grow with us as technology developed and our systems inevitably became more and more complex.  As soon as we met the team from FM Services Group Ltd we were bolded over by their enthusiasm, technical knowledge, professionalism and their pragmatic approach to problem solving.  Very quickly the relationship flourished, and they soon became a trusted partner looking after not only our traditional databases but telephony, CCTV, network security, smart lighting and most recently electric vehicle charging.



As we have grown and invested, so have FM services.  In many ways we have mimicked each other’s growth, enabling the relationship to develop in a controlled and exciting manner.



It would not be too strong a statement to say that we really could not function on a day to day basis without the support of FM Services and without doubt we now fully embrace them as an integral part of our own team.  Moving forward this will only continue as FM Services develop their portfolio of services, taking away many of the issues that we would historically have had to deal with internally.



We would recommend FM Services without hesitation and would like to wholeheartedly thank them for their support and “know-how” over the many years that we have worked together.”


Neil Price – Managing Director