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Big Business Capability with Small Business Agility


Big Business Capability with Small Business Agility


Big Business Capability with Small Business Agility


Big Business Capability with Small Business Agility


Big Business Capability with Small Business Agility

FM Services

What do facilities management companies do?

Facilities Management (FM) companies provide a combination of service to facilitate the needs of other businesses. The services offered vary by company, but the ultimate goal of an FM company is to improve the quality and productivity of their businesses allowing them to function effectively.

Why use a facilities management company?

Facilities management companies are experienced in working on the complex operation that go hand in hand with commercial, manufacturing, industrial, retail, hospitality and sporting venues. They provide an end-to-end solution for all of your business needs so they can improve the performance and efficiency of your business, whilst saving you time, cost and hassle.

What do your facilities management services include?

We offer IT support, Telephony, Network Solutions, Electric Vehicle Charging, plus other electrical installations, landscaping and groundworks. For a full list of services that we provide within each of these areas please visit services.

Where do you operate?

We deliver Facilities Management Services Across the whole of the UK.

Where are you based?

Our head office is based in Warwickshire, however, we operate across the whole of the UK.

Do you outsource any of your service?

No, all of our services are provided by our own in-house teams to ensure that you receive the best results, efficiently and on time.

Who do I call to find out more about a service?

You can contact us on 03333 444570 where you will be given three options to reach each department within the group. Once you’ve selected your preferred point of contact, you’ll be transferred to the appropriate advisor to discuss your requirements or to arrange your free consultation.


What does Verilan do?

Verilan keeps your business operational. We deliver IT support, broadband and telephony solutions to support you with the daily functioning of your business so you can focus on what really matters.


Do you provide emergency callouts?

Yes, depending on the severity of the breakdown, we arrange for a technician to remotely take over your device, or to visit your site to repair the issue.


Can you take over our computers if we need IT support?

Yes, if we work with you, you can give us remote access to your computer using your assigned asset tag so we can support you with any issues that you may be experiencing.


Do you manage the telephone systems?

Yes, we offer a fully managed service that allows us to jump in if anything goes wrong to get the phone systems back up and running.


Can you install and set up our devices?

Yes, we set up and install all of the devices included within your chosen service. We also collaborate with the Verilogic team on some installation that require electrical wiring or rewiring.


What does Verilogic do?

We support you with all of your electrical installations. We install, monitor and test all electrical equipment throughout your site to ensure that you’re compliant with electrical safety guidelines. 


Do you provide the devices used for the installation?

We offer free no-obligation consultations to discuss your requirements, and in this time you will be advised on the product(s) that will be most beneficial for you and your business, before you make a final decision.


What accreditation do you have?

All of  our electrical team are level 3 qualified electrical Engineers and our team leader are fully NICEIC qualified.


How long will the installation take?

The length of time taken on any installation is completely dependent on the size of the job i.e. whether electrical supplies need testing and groundworks are required to complete the job. We can given you an estimated timeline once we know the full scope of the project.


How do I know if my electrical equipment is safe?

We offer test and inspect services that allow us to check all of the electrical equipment on a site. Once your inspection is complete, you will receive a full report, which will include any remedial works that are required to make your equipment safe. We’ll also provide a quote for completing the jobs.


Can you provide electrical certificates?

Yes, all of our electrical engineers are fully qualified. Our team leader is also an NICEIC accredited Qualified Supervisor and signs off all electrical work completed by team.