Electrical & Security Solutions


Electrical & Security Solutions

With an Access Control System (ACS) you can create peace of mind for all employees and site visitors within your workplace. It allows you to grant or deny access to individuals visiting your environment so that you have full control over who visits your site and when.


Our ACS hardware technology makes securing your facility extremely straightforward. Creating a list of authorised user credentials – usually employees – means you can manage those who have permitted access and prevent intruders and unwanted guests from entering. This smart technology can also be networked together to allow you to monitor and limit internal access areas throughout your building.


We provide IP managed door entry systems so that your ACS can be fully managed online saving you the time and money you’d spend on locating a repairer to correct an issue if one arises. Our technicians will remotely access your systems and resolve the issue from our end so that you can get back to focusing on your business.


Online access control systems not only speed up the repair process, but they also create secure audit trails of employees, visitors, contractors, and any other guests that are moving around your site or building.

Our solution features include

Integrated perimeter door access using VOIP telephony

Time-specific access

User & group access

Emergency lockdown

Fire call register

CCTV integration

Fire panel integration

Remote & centralised administration