Electrical & Security Solutions


Electrical & Security Solutions


Electrical & Security Solutions

Protect your home or business with top of the range security systems

We understand the importance of reliable security and protective systems, which is why we only work with leading professionals for all our installation supplies. Smart security allows you to protect your property – commercial or domestic – from fire, theft, and/or water.

With Ajax you can protect your property from all three mishaps with just one device, and it can be controlled by your smart device. Not at home? Don’t worry, the app will alert you of any intruders or fires and will even switch off your water supply to prevent any further damage in the case of a flood – that’s why we choose Ajax.

With the Ajax app, you can manage your home security with a few simple taps using your mobile device. The app is designed to:

  • Push instant SMS or phone call notifications using Swift Alerts.
  • Provide arming and disarming notifications.
  • Push smart reminders to arm or disarm the alarm.
  • Switch your home appliances on/off.
  • Alert others using the virtual panic button.
  • Monitor the performance of your security devices.

Advanced Security Devices for your home and/or business include: The Button.

The button is a wireless device used to notify us about any security or safety breaches within your property and can also be used to contact medical professionals or relatives in the event of an accident or emergency.

When set in panic mode, the button can host four options that will raise an alert for both the user (home or property owner), and us (the monitoring company) to notify everyone that there is a problem. The options ensure that the appropriate alarm response is guaranteed, depending on the initial trigger. These options can be used to report:

  • An intruder
  •  A fire
  • A gas leak
  • A medical alert

The button can also be used for practicality throughout your home to manage your smart home appliances.


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